How we make wooden boxes

In the beginning, there is always the material. So, where is the wood for our boxes coming from?

We use sustainable wood from Estonia. Sustainable in this case means that only already dead trees are felled for this purpose. This way of harvesting is also healthier for the ecosystem of the forest.

Once the tree is felled, it needs to dry to be crafted into our boxes.



First, we cut the wood into boards and pre sand it for a smoother surface.

We use two different board thicknesses, a finner one for the lid and a thicker one for the button peace with the ring inside.

With the boards prepared, we head to our workshop to cut them into 5x5cm squares.

The bottom part gets a hole drilled which will host our ring later on. 

In the next step, the top and the bottom are getting connected with a screw. After that, every corner, surface and screw gets sanded down till all fits together smoothly.

In the last step, we heat press our logo and name on the box; we add a bit of felt to protect the ring, and voila, the box is finished.

Curious about our rings?

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